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Monday, April 18, 2011

Photos and CN Tower Visit

I am posting some photos of the visitors first few days.  I didn't realise Erin had posted Bob's blog yet.  Erin wanted to post photos on kodak gallery instead and then post the link, but that hasn't happened yet.

 I put the men to work, you got to get the full experience!!
 Video games rot your brain!!
They didn't do so good, as Jack was quick to point out.

Another trip we did within the first week was a trip up the CN Tower.  There is an observation deck at 346 metres and there is also a glass floor in one area.  The girls wouldn't stand on it!!
the total height of the tower is 553 metres and it stands smack bang in the middle of downtown Toronto.

 This is a model of the CN Tower

Looking North from the Tower
Looking West
 South, there is an island with an airport on it, with no road going to it. Only a ferry
 The Glass Floor

Lunch with a view

More coming.....

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