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Friday, July 8, 2011

Black Creek Pioneer Village, Canada's Wonderland, Canada Day & More....

Hi Friends

A while ago, Bob and Candace took us to Black Creek Pioneer Village which is an accurate reflection of what a community was like in Ontario in the 1800's. We visited many barns and buildings in the community with volunteers doing jobs and tasks as they were done in the 1800's. We got to see a lady weaving a rug out of little scraps of fabric, a blacksmith beating the crap out of metal stuff and another guy who banged holes in heaps of stuff to make candle holders and light fixtures etc. It was really interesting to see how it was done back then - everything is such hard work and I really loved the uniqueness of what they created.

 This guy is showing Jack how he made a candle holder which was weather-proof

We also went to Canada's Wonderland which is the major theme park here in Toronto.  My friend Jen had some friends visiting her from Saskatchuwun (that's how an Aussie spells it) and she invited us to come along with them.  It was the BEST fun I've had in a long time.  They have this major kick-arse roller coaster called the Behemoth which makes me sick just looking at it, so Eddie (Jen's hubby) and Troy went on it.   Now, I know that he was trying to act all tough in front of Eddie, but I reckon he would have had a little bit of pee come out while he was on that ride.  He promptly told me that I can NEVER EVER go on that ride as I would have a myocardial infarction.  Jen, her friend Lanita and I were designated "little kid ride chaperone's", which let me tell you is much scarier than it sounds.  Jack was able to ride some of the bigger rides with an accompanying adult and I am considering writing a letter to Canada's Wonderland to tell them that those 'kid' rides are SCARY!  Jen, Lanita and I screamed out heads off on them.  I was so terrified on one of them that I opened my mouth to scream and nothing came out.  The kids enjoyed them and often wanted to ride them multiple times.  At the end of the day, I was getting a little braver (did you know I am into extreme sports now that I have conquered zip-lining??) so Troy and Eddie convinced Jen and I to go on the lamest of the adult roller coasters, called the Vortex.   I was so scared, I screamed and screamed and was all wobbly after it.  And that was with my eyes closed for about 80% of the ride.  One thing they should tell their female guests is to wear a sports bra on the roller coasters - I think I'll put that in my letter to them as well.

 Jen (right) and Lanita getting off one of the rides.

Jack had his 6th birthday and we had a small gathering and of course a cake.  It was difficult to select a couple of gifts for Jack which were small enough to take back to Oz. 
Jen, Eddie, Candace, Pat, Bob, Brian, Barbie & Emma all came over for a BBQ and a few drinks.  Jack has spent a lot of time with Emma (who lives across the road) and will really miss her when he leaves.  He adores her.

More camping pics:

This is poison ivy - Bob and Jamie pointed this out to us on the last day at the campsite.  It looks nothing like what I thought it looked like!

Canada Day Weekend was very busy for us.  We joined Pat and Melissa in Alvinston (Pat's hometown) for two nights where we were treated like locals.  We always feel welcomed with open arms by Pat's family and friends - there is something unique about a small town community.  On the way to Alvinston, we joined Pat, Melissa and their six nephews & niece in London, Ontario to see the movie Cars 2 (in 3D).  Afterwards, we had dinner and then drove to Alvinston.  Jack loved being around all the kids and did not stop playing the whole weekend - he was so dirty and exhausted! 

 The beautiful Melissa and nephew Sammy.

 Pat teaching his Nephew, Tommy how to drink from a stubby. 

 This is Pat clowning around with the kids during the fireworks.  Needless to say, beer makes you think you are 15yrs younger than you really are....he was wondering why he was so sore the next morning.

 This is Troy's new project for when we get home.  I want a firepit and some Muskoka chairs, please! 

 This is the 'boat ramp' for Lake Huron! 

All the kids (and one big kid) for dinner after the Cars 2 movie.

On Sunday, we went to Wasaga Beach to spend the day with Big Jack's family.  We had a great day with his sisters, Linda and Sandra and their husbands, Lloyd and Barry.  You may remember Troy went ice fishing with Barry and Lloyd.  We were blessed with wonderful weather and spent a lovely warm, lazy day at Wasaga.   Like us, Jack has wonderful nieces as well and we also met some of their friends.  They are a great family and the day flew by far too quickly.  It was great to hear the stories of their Australian holiday which they took in March to visit Jack & Sandy and the girls.  They are already planning a trip back there someday, so we've promised them free accommodation at
Hotel Bower, of course!  

From left:  Lloyd, Sandra, Troy, me, Linda & Barry (and Jack in front).

This pic is of all the people who have been in Australia!

The sun setting over the water.....something you don't see in Queensland!!


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