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Friday, July 30, 2010

We are in Toronto

Hi Everyone

We have taken a leaf out of our Exchange family's book and decided to create and share our Canadian Adventures with everyone. 

Our flights from Australia to Toronto were hassle free and quite good (as far as long haul international flights go).  We have very little jet lag and with the last month in Australia being so hectic and busy, we are enjoying the relaxation and rest now.

Jack was such a good boy on the way over.  He slept almost all of the 12hr flight from Auckland to LA.  A lady in premium economy with Air New Zealand actually congratulated us on how well behaved he was!  I think she worried he would be noisy and disruptive!!!! 
Troy was Mr Wriggle on the flight as per usual.  

Toronto is a very multicultural city.   Our exchange family's house is lovely and we are looking forward to calling it home for the next year.  Jack has been very spoilt with lots of boys toys left for him - he has so much to keep him occupied!  We also have winter clothing here for us to use (the Cossarini's are so generous).  Jack keeps asking when the snow will start! 

We decided to bite the bullet and go for a drive yesterday to pick up a GPS and some mobile (cell) phones.  Troy drove of course (I am still not able to cross the road on foot safely cause I keep looking in the wrong direction for traffic).   It is a surreal and totally unnatural experience to be driving on the right hand side of the road!  We kept having to remind ourselves when turning to do "tight rights" and "long lefts".   We plan on going for a bike ride today or tomorrow to explore some more.

We have met all the neighbours surrounding our house.  Everyone is really really friendly and happy to stop and say hello.  We already have multiple dinner invitations so looks like I will be able to do some entertaining after all in return. 

Last night we were invited to Station 421 (Troy's work station) for dinner with the crew.  They were kind enough to invite Jack and me also which was just lovely.   We got to see the Fire Hall and Jack was so excited to see they had a pole!!!!!!!  He had a little slide down which was pretty cool.  I am a bit worried about Troy using the pole on a call out in the middle of the night.....he can barely walk straight when he is half asleep, let alone negotiate a pole. 

Chat soon, ey!

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  1. Oh this is a great idea!! I can't believe you let Troy drive already, I'd be making john practice on foot first lol
    Sounds like it's been totally amazing so far! I can't wait to hear more :)