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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well....  I feared for my life today, as I was in the passenger seat and Erin was driving.  Nah it wasn't too bad until we got to the shops and she was driving down the left of the lane and made an oncoming driver go around us.  And then went passed 3 empty parks because they were the wrong shape or something!!!  She says that she is a much more supportive passanger/co-driver....Whatever!!!

Canadians are wierd ey! we just passed one that was cutting his square patch of grass on a diagonal, now our lawn is ready to mow but I am unsure as to how to go about that without the neighbours thinking us Aussies "cut the grass" in a wierd pattern.  I think I will wait, and do some further studies on which pattern is most common and go with that one.

We ventured out on our bikes today, checked out the park down the road, then road along the river and then checked out Jack's school.  You're not supposed to ride on the sidewalk unless your a kid, but we did anyway 'cause it is still to foreign for us.  We noticed at the park that no one was wearing a hat.  Its just not the done thing over here.

It was 15 degrees outside at 7am and got up to around 24degrees.

I had to go exchange some shoes today. It was the third time we had been to this centre/mall and everytime we have been there Jack nags us about going to the pet shop.  Except they had the Macaw(large bird) out of his cage today...very scary!!!

About a thousand neighbours have come and introduced themselves to us, it seems to be a real friendly neighbourhood.  Last night we were invited over to Barbie and Brians for some Blueberry Pie.  They have been very helpful for our first crazy week here. 

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