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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sorry it has been a while since we have shared our adventures with you.

As I mentioned in our last blog, we were invited for a swim and dinner at Bob's house (a Firey from Troy's hall).  His renovation and restoration of his home has so far taken him 9 years but who's counting?  It's worth it cause his home is just gorgeous.  He still has some further work to do, but he is now feeling much more optimistic about it as he has a new Aussie mate with heaps of time on his hands to help him!

Bob also has five cats and Jack and I had a heap of fun meeting them.  We took a bag of cat treats with us as an ice breaker.  We needn't have bothered, they are so friendly!  One cat named Peaches reminded me of our old cat Chad as he likes to spend his time doing a neighbourhood patrol.  He seems to be the Sheriff in town and all the humans should feel very thankful that he allows them to reside in his neighbourhood.

We went to the "Ex" which is similar to the Brisbane Ekka.  It was a great day.  We caught the "GO" train to the Ex and it has three level which impressed Jack.  He spent the majority of the day going on all the different rides (again, insisting on doing it all by himself).  There was a roller coaster that he asked to go on but he didn't meet the height requirement to go unattended.  So I bailed immediately (just looking at it made my head spin) so Troy was the lucky candidate!   We also saw a huge sandcastle building competition which was mind-blowing!!

The food was also great at the Ex and I was delighted to find.....a BEAVER TAIL stand!  Mmmm mmmmm.  Seriously, I think I am an addict.  Anyhow, after I ate a WHOLE beaver tail myself, I was feeling a tad lazy and mellow.  This didn't last long as the evil fat gods were lurking and plotting against me.  Troy had estimated that we had to catch the return train on time to ensure we would be back home in time for footy training.  So we wandered (ok I waddled) to the train station to see....our train arriving at our station and we were about three platforms away.  So Troy starts running like an olympic sprinter with Jack flung over his shoulder and I had no choice but to take a stand against the fat gods and sprint after him - up and down stairs mind you!!!  So then I discovered that a whole beaver tail is not so great just prior to a run.  :(  Fat gods win.

On Saturday, Troy played a trial game for selection into the Canadian Rugby League side.  He is still unsure what position he was supposed to be playing, but he had a good game and ended up a little sore and sorry for himself.  No injuries though (don't panic Yvonne)!  Thank god for the mouthguard though!  He found out yesterday that he has been selected into the Canadian Wolverines squad which will play against the USA on 17 September!  Trust Troy to get into a national team when he isn't really part of that nation!   It's a great achievement though considering he doesn't play rugby league and he was competing with others who have played both League and Union.  *sigh* I thought I was going to get a year off from patching up gravel rash and cuts.....He was concerned that his shirt was too tight, but I told him it was fine :)
The weather here has been really cold the past few days.  At times, it has been about 10-15 degrees during the daytime (eek) so I am starting to get a little concerned about what we have coming up.  Today was especially miserable but nothing stops Jack from having fun....

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  1. There's no doubt about Troy - everything he tries out for he succeeds in making the team. Good on him, and good luck.