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Monday, August 30, 2010

Wasaga Beach

On Sunday we went to Wasaga Beach for the day.  A mate from Troy's Fire Hall (Bob) offered to take us there for a day trip.  Bob is a great guy who has travelled pretty extensively overseas and appreciates that a local host is a great bonus when visiting new places.  He drove us to the Beach (approx 1.5hrs) via the backroads instead of taking the highways.  We saw some beautiful country side!  Bob was also able to give us a heap of history behind the places we were going. 

We arrived at Wasaga Beach and called into Big Jack's parents cottage.  After saying hello and having a chat, we promised we would come back on Wednesday to spend the day with them and to meet Jack's sister. 

The beach itself is actually a lake.  The weather gods were smiling on us and we enjoyed some glorious sunshine.  The water was quite cold and Bob told us that it was about as warm as it ever gets (eek) so we better get used to that.  I am amazed that people can be 60-80 metres offshore and still be only waist deep in water! 

Hardly any kids wear hats, se we looked a little out of place!

Bob was telling us about his house in Toronto which he has been restoring for the past nine years.  He invited us to come over for a swim at his local pool followed by some Thai food at his house.  I can't wait to see his house as he has done virtually all the work himself (it was a neglected, boarded up derelict house) and has kept it as a 1930s home with all the original finishings.  Troy spent the day at Bob's house on Monday to give him a hand with edging the patio paving.   Bob also has FIVE cats, so he and I operate on the same wave length when it comes to that!

Speaking of which, I have been asked to meet the Cat Shelter Co-ordinator on Friday to go through my training.  I am really excited about that as I am sure that Annie the cat has been pining for me. 

I will leave you all with some photo's from the Buskerfest.  bye for now!

You can see Jack on Troy's shoulders in the yellow shirt.  He lasted about three seconds before he scrambled down Troy's back like a squirrel!!!!

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