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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GPS For Sale

What should be a simple task of typing in the address and hitting done and then driving to the destination seams to be real f#%king difficult with the Tom Tom that we have bought.  I lost it in true Troy style today when it sent me through peak hour traffic to the other end of the road that I intended.  I only noticed when I was about to cross the 427 which is the big freeway next to our house???? Only about 15 kms from where I wanted to go. 
I calmly turned it off and then went ape s#!t at the world and then started driving there the old fashion way, once again!


  1. Hi to all the tourists. I love hearing your daily adventures. It is good to see that nothing changes with regards to the Bowsers on the other side of the world. We miss you all heaps. Love the Kime clan.

  2. Gidday - Ted was only telling me how good these GPS things are... you have changed my mind. I thing I'll stict to the old fashioned way, me driving and Ted reading the road maps.Love Angela.