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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Canadian Study

Ok Troy here, and have started a study to find out first hand if the water really does go down the drain in opposite directions, depending on which hemisphere you are in.  But I can only do the northern hemisphere for now so I am depending on you to do your own study and email me your findings.  If you could do this by Saturday night I will then post my findings Sundayish.  I am after the direction ( clockwise or counterclockwise, looking from above ) when you pull the plug in your sink or bath.  Try to do more than one for a more accurate result.

I have done 5 so far and not all went the same way. Only 4 out of the 5 went in the same direction



  1. Hi Erin and Troy, I am at Angela Wright's place and we were having a good laught at all your adventures already. You will have a comedy novel completed by the end of 12 months.
    Love Sed.

  2. Oh goodness Erin, lack of stimulation is sending you nuts!