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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Erin the "Cat Whisperer"

Jack started Art Camp on Monday.  He was excited about going but I was preparing for his confidence to evapourate upon entering a room of unfamiliar faces.   We were greeted by his teacher and her 'helpers' who are mainly kids who are aged between 12-16yo.  They were all expecting him as the lady who runs it (Lovenia) is one of Sandy's best friends and invited Jack to enrol.  Anyhow, they were all expecting the "Aussie Kid" and made him feel very welcome and comfortable.   Jack promptly advised me, "ummmm, Mum you can go" after being in the room for about 25 seconds.... Talk about being dismissed!    Jack comes home each day with Lovenia and her son Sawyer and I can't seem to get any information out of him.  It goes something this,
Me:  "hey Jack did you have a great day?"
Jack:  "yes"
Me:  "what did you do today?"
Jack:  "nothing"
Me:  "did you meet any new friends today?"
Jack:  "no"
Me:  "did you play today?"
Jack:  (sigh) "yesssss"
Me:  "tell me something that you loved doing today"
Jack:  (bigger sigh) "mummmm can you stop asking me things?"

He comes home with paint and stuff on his so I think he is painting???   Ha ha.  Lovenia said he has the most lovely manner (think she inhaled too many paint fumes) and is so sweet (yep she is delirious)!  There is an Art Show on Friday at 2.30pm so all the parents can come along and see all the artwork and stuff so that I am looking forward to that!

Troy and I opened a bank account yesterday and we were told we needed to have a Social Insurance Number to open the account.  I explained to the lady (she was ancient and couldn't type, read or operate a computer in any decent capacity) that we don't have the 'number', nor do we need one to work here (we don't pay Canadian taxes etc)....after scratching her head a little and me asking a couple too many questions, she took out a book and began reading up on appropriate ID to open an account.  She left the room for a second and I immediately swiped the book and read it so I was prepared when she got back.... Long story short, our Work Permits and our passports were accepted as suitable documentation.  Phew.   So after another 30 agonising minutes of her typing things incorrectly into her computer and inputting Troys name as Mister Troy instead of Troy Bower,.....grrrrr I was ready to grab the computer and slide it in front of me.  I am better at handling situations like that (I act really nice but am thinking, "you dill" in my head) Troy couldn't help himself and said to her at one point, "you just stuffed all that up" when she was typing in the wrong bits!  LOL.    Shame.  Rude Aussie. 

We also visited the Etobicoke Humane Society as they have a Cat Adoption and Re-homing Shelter where I am interested in doing some volunteer work.   I filled out my volunteer form and then was given a 'tour' of the shelter, which consisted on two medium size rooms with various aged cats.  I was in heaven.  I miss my cat KC very much and I loved cuddling and talking to the cats!  One cat named Annie caught my eye straight away as she is a dark tortoiseshell cat and it turns out that she has been at the Shelter for the longest time (ok that's me gone, hook line & sinker)....I'll take her!  I asked to pat her and was told, "oh she's not very nice.  She nips a bit so be careful".  Well after about 10-15 seconds I was giving her a good scratch and she was purring like you wouldn't believe.  She was even trying to roll herself and lay down on my hand when I was scratching her.  The lady was amazed and said she has never seen her respond like that.  What can I say???  Just call me "Erin the Cat Whisperer" from now on......  I didn't want to leave. The volunteer coordinator will give me a ring in the next couple of weeks to organise my training.  I am really looking forward to it.  
All I can say is that if Annie doesn't find a home sometime in the next 12mths, well.........she might just be coming home to Australia! 

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