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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fat Gods!!!

Well....Erin is making me do the blog.....GOD!!!  This will take me about 4 hours to write.  Anyway she is a little under the weather lately, and she thinks the Fat Gods are getting her back for the lack of respect that she has shown to the Fat Gods.  First of all her knee got sore for no reason, she just woke up and her knee was sore, she was waddling through the shopping centre regretting all the food choices she had made and thought the Fat Gods were teaching her a lesson.  And now she has a sore throat and can't swallow.  Ha Ha, although I just caught her eating a Freddo chocolate.....Silly stuff Erin!

So Last week Jack had an Art Camp and on Friday we went in and checked out all of his pieces.  Erin got a funky hair cut and I bought some footy boots as I have found a rugby league side to train with here.  Then Friday night we went around Lavinia's house for a BBQ, Jack played with Sawyer and we sat around chatting.

The next day we got up early to get ready for camping at Sauble Beach.  The weather wasn't the best but too bad.  We had a great time up there with the Guys from the Fire Hall and their families.  Jack loved it the whole time and there were chipmunks there that would eat food out of your hands....Pretty cool.  They took us down to the beach but it was freezing and raining lightly, but we enjoyed it all the same.

Monday I worked my normal 24hrs straight.  Tuesday we all went into town on the Subway to enroll Jack into school.  Jack thought that was pretty cool.  Now why do kids feel the need to touch everything and smoosh their face against the windows???  

Thursday is my next 24hr shift.  each shift starts at 7am and finishes at 7am the next morning. Every 4 weeks we work 7 24hr shifts.  So for 3 weeks we work 2 days a week and then on the last week we work 1 day.  It averages out to 42 hours a week.  Its a long day when nothing is going on,  I have only done 3 shifts so far.  Nothing major has happened yet.  Apparently there is a higher than average amount of violent crime in our stations area, so it is likely that I will attend a bashing or shooting of some sort before the years end.

Erin posted a photo gallery of our first month and this is the address.

It would take ages to post them in this blog.

I am sure I have missed heaps, but I am sure Erin will correct this when she feels better

Cheers from Canada

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