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Monday, August 16, 2010

Canadian Study

Well...due to lack of experiments conducted in the southern hemisphere I cannot post my findings on whether the water really does go down the drain in different directions depending on where you are in the world.

Maybe it is only Canadians who care????

I would however appreciate if someone in Australia could fill up their bath and let it out and then tell me which way it spins because it is the main question I get asked here.

And for any one who cares, the water spins mostly clockwise here in Canada!!!



  1. It's okay for you Canadians to fill the bath and let it out for a study but us Aussies are concerned about water conservation !!! But I did it anyway and it was anti clockwise. Marn xx

  2. Ha! Surely you knew that Troy? I remember seeing the water twizzle down the other way in the Northern Hemisphere and it just looked strange going the wrong way xD Kudos for experimenting though... Oh, Happy Birthday ya Mug! I watched out for you on Skype but didn't see you on. |:( Well, laters kids! Keep up the hard yards and report back your findings regularly :D