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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun at Walmart and Ontario Place

Well Troy had luck on his side on Wednesday when he was told that he had completed all the required training (um....hang on what training?.....He was sitting around doing not much.....) and could start at the Fire Hall.   This meant that his first shift would be on Saturday, so we had Thursday and Friday as free days together.

We ventured off to Walmart on Thursday.  I had contemplated carefully picking out my outfit of trackie dacks, g-string, mid-riff with no bra and ugg boots....but then decided it may only be the US Walmart's who get characters like that.  So off we went in respectable attire of boardshorts and tshirts with our 'flip flops'.  The men here don't wear boardies so Troy stands out a bit.  They tend to wear cargo shorts or khaki's. 

Anyhow, Walmart is very much like our Big W but only bigger.  Some items are considerably cheaper than the other stores here in Toronto and Australia.  The biggest bargain is to find that the Betty Crocker Devils Food cake mix is only $1.87 there!   Troy nearly did a happy dance in the aisle.  We stocked up on most general items.    We also went shopping and I was over the moon to discover that I am a SIZE 8 here.  SIZE 8, SIZE 8, SIZE 8.  Jeez it has been many years since I have been able to make that statement.  I wanted to tell the girl behind the counter to call for a price check on my SIZE 8 skirt!!!!   

Jack starts Art Camp next week which is run by a friend of Sandy's.  Her name is Lovenia and she is lovely.  She has been a school teacher for 15 or so years and runs this art camp during the summer.  The theme next week is Africa and Jack will learn all different African...things....I guess.  Dancing and artwork and animals etc.  Lovenia's five year old son, Sawyer will be attending and I am told by other people that Sawyer is a lovely little guy so hopefully he and Jack will kick it off.

On Friday we went to Ontario Place which is a bit like a mini dreamworld and wet n wild.  We got there just after 11am and didn't get back til about 7pm!  We had a great day.  Jack was really brave and went all all the amusement park rides - even insisting that he do it alone.  He went on a pretty scary one which is similar to a ride at the show in Townsville where you are all sitting beside eachother, they lift you up and then you free fall to the bottom.   There were also mini boats, mini ferris wheel, merry-go-round and a giant slippery slide. 

The waterpark side of things is where we spent the majority of our time.  There were two slides which Jack was big enough to go on - one was a family ride where we all go down together in a large round inflable raft!  I think Troy and I had just as much fun as Jack.  The other was a tandem waterslide with a double-person raft.  I was waiting down the bottom of the double ride waiting for Jack and Troy to emerge and I could hear Jack long before they got to the end!    There is also a large waterpark area like at the Strand (but about twice the size) with two mini waterslides for the little kids.   We were all very exhausted and a bit sunburnt when we got home that night.    It was also a battle of the fat gods for me.  The fat-gods for the upper hand at the beginning with me getting a bad case of dejuvu of doing the Goat Track whilst I was walking up the steps to the top of the waterslides.... ughhhh.   But then the fat-gods were well and truly beaten by a Baskin Robbins double scoop waffle cone!    Victory was mine.   I then noticed a stand called "Beaver Tails" and thought, hmmm I wonder what that is.  It was at that moment that someone was carrying their purchase from "Beaver Tails" and walked past me.....OH MY GODDDDDDD.  It was the most sweet and delicous smell....  I immediately had an obligation to my fellow 'foodie' friends back home to sample this treat.  I ordered the cinnamon sugar beaver tail.  It is a pastry-type long flat thing like a beaver's tail *duh... covered in cinnamon and sugar.  It tastes a bit like a big squashed cinnamon donut.   The outside border of the beaver tail is softer like a donut but the centre was crunchy!!!  I have taken a photo so will share it very very soon.  My mouth is watering just remembering it.

So the fat gods were once again defeated by a pretty large margin.  Luckily we are doing a fair amount of physical activity but I am unsure if that will be enough to overcome my new love of Beaver Tails.    Troy said I am going to be in strife if I keep it up...I am merely doing my Aussie duty to become accustomed to the foods and cuisine of Canada - plus winter will be here soon, so I am stocking up and increasing my layer of blubber for extra insulation.   Ha ha. 

We are missing everyone (even Darrin) and hope you are all well! 

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  1. Hi all. Erin you have to be brave (resist, resist, resist), I don't won't anyone mistaking you for me when you get home. LOL. I hope that Troy had a lovely birthday. Sounds like Jack is settling in well over there and making lots of new friends. Love to all.