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Friday, August 27, 2010

Update from Erin

Ok to set the record straight, I admit that I have had a sore knee but that was purely a temporary thing and is now fully healed.  However, I then developed an incredibly sore throat (which I was convinced was tonsilitis and my throat was going to swell up and I would die in my sleep) but has now altered its molecular make up and seems to have manisfested into just an incredibly sore tickly throat.  But being the trouper that I am, I soldiered on whilst Troy went to work on Thursday and all Thursday night. 

Today we decide to get out of the house and into the sunshine and we went to "Buskerfest" which is near downtown and is a wonderful festival of buskers.  It is held in the street and they had everything kind of performer you could imagine.   Jack got his face painted as 'red spiderman'.  It looked great at the beginning of the day but by the time we got home he looked more like Freddy Kruger.   Would you believe that just after lunch I rubbed my eye and thought, "oh that hurts..." and YES I have conjunca-bloody-vitis.  Troy has been calling me "pink eye" all afternoon.  We decided to try our luck at the drug store (pharmacy) on the way home, hoping and praying that by some fluke you may be able to buy antibiotic eyedrops without having to get a prescription.  So I run into the drug store (with my sunnies on of course), peruse the eye drops....and TAAA DAAAA there is a bottle of eyedrops called "Polysporin - Treats Pink Eye"!!!   Unbelieveable.  I am a little concerned however as the list on the back says to discontinue use if you have any of the following symptoms:  "large amount of discharge (hello....its conjuncativitis!!!), sensitivity to light (derrrr), hearing loss (what the?????)"   I tell you, Canadians are weird!  ha ha.

We have been invited to Wasaga Beach on Sunday for the day by a nice guy from Troy's work.  Hopefully the weather will stay lovely.  It was down to about 12 degrees this morning as Troy rode home from work.  He reckons he really needs some gloves but doesn't want to look like an Aussie Wuss.

On the Townsville front, it seems KC has officially approved of her temporary careproviders which is a great relief.  Troy is most peeved that it has only been a month and she has accepted Jaclyn and Sandy into her small circle of trust, something Troy has been trying to do for 10 years. 

for those of you who tried to use the link to the photos from yesterdays posting, please try again.  Troy reckons he has fixed it.

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