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Thursday, August 5, 2010

We made it ONE week in Canada before having to go to the hospital!  Jack had some croup two nights ago which of course, only comes on at 3AM in the morning!  Why oh why does it hit at the most inconvenient times?  Anyhow, he has had it before so we knew immediately that we had to get him to a doctor.  Bleary eyed and a bit stressed about how to get to the hospital, we take off in the car with the GPS and teddy. 

Of course we had to take the freeway (eek, first time) but it was very quiet so it was probably the best time to try it out.  Once at the hospital, the nurses and doctors were all really really nice and once they realise you are Aussie, they are super duper nice.  The head nurse was asking us all about the exchange and was reminding Troy that "Nurses are your friends" not the doctors!! ha ha.   She said she will probably see him from time to time as she is in charge at Emergency and the Firies take patients there sometimes.   I think she may have bumped us up the wait list as well as originally it was going to be "quite a wait" and that turned into in and out within 1hour.  She was explaining that they had a shortage of beds which clogged up the Emergency Dept -- funny how health care is the same no matter which part of the world you are in!  We were back home at 5am.  Poor Troy had to get up for work at 6.30am, so he was really really tired yesterday.

His training has been a bit slow.  Lots of sitting around which has been frustrating him a bit.  I told him it's just like at home!  He is hoping today (Thurs) will be busier as they are doing some medical stuff.  He can fill you in on all that.

I went driving today (without Troy, big girl!) and got a few groceries.  It took me ages to pick the simpliest things like cereal and pasta sauce.  All the products are obviously different and where I am normally so used to grabbing the familiar brands I like, now I am having to read labels, ingredients and nutrition tables.  I found some cheddar cheese as well that resembles our cheese so Jack is pleased.   The food products are over are very.... commercialised.  Actually I don't know if commercialised is the right word.  It's like they have a million different types of packet pasta (like macaroni & cheese etc etc) and a zillion types of cereals, with all different variations of things.   Like baked beans come in about fourteen (slight exaggeration) different flavours etc.  It's weird.  We found ourselves at the milk section the other day looking at all the different types of milk saying, "we just want milk that tastes like real milk"!!   There is a whole cold section for hot dog sausages (weiners) and all the condiments that go along with that.  So we are having 'dogs' for dinner sometime soon. 

Jack has a little friend Emma (she lives across the road) for a play tomorrow so that will be great as he has been driving me up the wall.  I am sick of playing army, cars, basketball, video games (there is only so many times I can get my butt kicked by a 5yo at Mario Kart) and space ships.  Hopefully Emma will be able to handle the boy stuff better than me.  We will also visit the park for a picnic lunch.

Hope everyone is well and happy.   We will be going to a baseball game tomorrow night (Fri night) with some Firies so can't wait!! 

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