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Monday, August 2, 2010

We had a bit of a lazy day today.  I have a headcold and Troy reckons he has chronic fatigue syndrome, so we decided to take it easy. 

Troy starts his two weeks of training tomorrow.  He thinks it will be predominantly with the Medical guru's as Fire fighters here are dispatched automatically to any serious 911 medical calls.  This can be anything from a heart attack, shooting, drowning, stabbing, stroke etc.  The Fire fighters have faster response times than the paramedics, so they just do what they can to preserve life until the paramedics arrive.  Troy has all his uniforms and gear, so I will get some photos this week.  The helmet actually has a beaver on it!  Once I figure out how to upload a photo on this blog thing, I will be able to show you. 

Driving is getting a bit easier.  It's still a bit weird but as long as you concentrate, it's ok.  I read Troy's last couple of blogs about my driving and I would like to point out that HIS driving is not great either.  When we got lost yesterday (Jack entered the wrong address in the GPS, sigh...kids) we went into a dead end street.  Troy turned the car around in a clockwise direction instead of anticlockwise!!!   See, it's not just me...

I have found a nice little shopping plaza which is relatively close (about 3kms) with a good grocery store, a bakery like Bakers Delight and a few other good little shops like BASKIN ROBBINS.  There is a really lovely Deli which stocks cheeses in every shape and form you could imagine.  I am still looking for the Bega or Coon cheese.  Oh and Troy is going to ask them to get some vegemite!

There are a few nice playgrounds in our area so we went for a walk this afternoon (Jack on the scooter) and explored a bit.   It is weird when you are in crowds of people to speak to eachother and people turn around and look at you.  I am getting a complex and think I sound really bogan.

Pork seems to be quite cheap here.  Too bad we don't eat a lot of pork - that might change.  Lamb is from New Zealand (in the shop I looked at yesterday) and a roast will set you back about $22 per kilo.  Bloody hell. 

Everything here is different.   We get excited to see familiar foods like Special K, Milo etc but then after you taste it, it is completely different.  Troy nearly cried when he found out that the Milo here tastes more like a cross between nesquick and ovaltine.  We bought a cadbury chocolate today and was sad to learn it tastes more like Nestle chocolate and also a bit like cheap chocolate easter eggs.  Hmmm.....perhaps the fat gods are realising that my willpower is so bad that they have to alter the makeup of all the great foods in my life. 

Oh WAIT!  We tried their pizza here yesterday and it was YUMMMMMM.  Their bases are so delicious, kind of like a classic crust but with a touch of crunch.  And they don't go overboard with their toppings like Aussies do.  They keep it simple and tasty!  One slice is like a whole quarter of a pizza!  You can't order a Half-slice, so OH WELL you have to eat the whole slice!  Take that, fat gods!!!

Miss you all and hope you are all enjoying your yummy Milo's and Cadbury!


  1. Hello! I have been dying all day to get home and read your 'blog'. What a great idea for us 'non-face bookers' to keep up with the gossip. As usual, your words from both of you have kept me very ammused (but feel a little sad as reality has hit that you have actually left for so long!!)
    Look forward to the next eposide of the adventure and Troy, can't wait to tell Jeff about your mowing saga! Take care! Megsie

  2. Well, Great to see things are going.... however they're going I guess, it could be heading either way from the sounds of it! xD I have no doubt you'll make the most of the experience, if you've located your regional Baskins and Robbins then it can't be that bad.

  3. Oh Billy Ray we love you!!

  4. First thing - Rob wants to know why there is a beaver on your helmet Troy??? We pissed ourselves laughing. Well, as we sit here enjoying a milo and toasted coon sandwich we are wondering how you are enjoying your weiners...Well Erin, you did always say it was small (but don't worry we won't tell Troy)