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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Niagara Falls

Went to a ball game on friday night, Baseball that is. Watched the Blue Jays beat some random team?  I did get told the name of the team and I think they were high up on the ladder but I forget.  A firefighter that had just come back from Australia after his exchange took us, his name is Pat, we had a good time, Jack enjoyed it for the most part.  The next day Pat and his girlfriend took us and some other Australians who are here for a Burns Camp to Niagara Falls.  We went on the boat that takes us right up to the water fall and you get doused with the mist We had a ball.  Then we came back to Toronto and went to a fourth floor balcony restaurant over looking the city square for some dinner.

Sunday was a lazy day, we had a catch up of sleep and Jack had a play with Emma from across the road and then we had a meet up with another neighbour's whole family and their kids, Jack had a good play with them.  I went up to the Fire hall and had a catch up with the guys on my shift.  They are organising a camp in a few weeks so I'll see if we can wrestle a bear or something!

One more week of training and then on the trucks for me.  Did some advanced resuscitation last week and it was all the same so thats good.  The firetrucks have a response time of around 3 mins here and they usually always beat the EMS(Ambos) to jobs.  So the fire service gets called to EVERY critical medical call like heart attacks, drownings, accidents, stabbings and so on.  But they still only have first aid medical training???? They just get to use it alot more I guess. 

Driving feels a little bit more normal now we have been doing it for a week or so.  I still check over my left should when taking long lefts sometimes, and crossing the road, we always need to stop and think where to look before crossing.  I still do the left right left right left right left right before crossing.

au revoir

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