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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Concerns for Australia

There's nothing like a natural disaster to really bring out your loyalty and love for your 'home country'.   The floods in Queensland has made international news over here in Canada and friends have been asking us "how is your family?"..."is everything ok over there?"...."is your house ok?"

Every time I watch the news or read a report about the flooding, I get a really strange feeling inside.....it's hard to describe, but it is a feeling that starts from deep within your tummy and spreads like a rash to your heart.   I feel like I want to be home.  Not because I am worried for Townsville or my family and friends; I know they are all safe.  It's because I feel a loyalty to be ''present" while all this is happening.  Fund raising, doing food/clothes drives...anything.  So many people have met with tragedy over the past couple of weeks.  They have lost everything.  And here we are in Canada enjoying a wonderfully unique experience.  We have everything right now.  It just doesn't seem right.  Troy would be making good use of his technical rescue skills with the rapid water response team.   

So many reminders of how lucky we are.  

Jack started school after Xmas break.   It's pretty clear now that the education system over here is advanced when compared to Queensland, so our original fears about Jack not keeping up to speed with his Qld Education have been well and truly dismissed.  This is great news in some way because he can stay in his current class and keep the most amazing teacher!  She is fantastic and assigns Jack extra homework and books to read.  He is doing quite well although he is impatient like his mum and expects to be able to read NOW!   His writing is average and needs some more work, but I am not too concerned as the font here is entirely different.  We bought some books over here with Qld Font which we will focus on in the next few months (I forgot we brought them over!).

Take care and stay safe xxx


  1. Ok reality check number 1 Girlfriend!! If you were here you may have been sent to the cc to run First Contact!! I'm sure if that happened to you the feeling in your gut would have been a not to pleasant one either. And reality check number 2, we all know Troy is never working nor gets the chance to put his skills to use and always misses out! And personally I like you getting that bad feeling in your guts cause I've been getting bad feelings in my guts that you are enjoying it too much there and won't come home and I couldn't cope with that!! Love ya guts!! Oh sorry Canadians for your reference guts is another word for stomach! Ah wait to confuse you more "love ya guts" doesn't mean love your stomach!

  2. Thanks Nat! Hell no, I wouldn't be doing any CC work - I am in FIT, not PRB (sorry everyone, it's work talk)!