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Monday, January 10, 2011

Toronto Maple Leafs, Snowfall and Wobbly Tooth

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play some other team who I now forget (Louisiana Jays..?...) downtown at the Air Canada Centre.  Troy was chief babysitter so it was a girls night for Candace and me.  We caught the subway which was lucky because we had some pretty decent snowfall that night.  Anyhow, we arrived at the centre and found out that our seats were the only two seats on their own at the top of a flight of stairs.  This meant we had no one beside us, behind us or in front of us!   Although we were a ways up the top, we felt very privileged and special in our little seats.  A guy coming up the stairs passed in front of us and said, "oh great seats!  I'm jealous!".  They were like a poor-mans box seat.  The Toronto Maple Leafs are notorious for being lousy at winning (sorry die-hard supporters but c'mon....you gotta be honest) but I was astonished at how full the centre was!  It seems win or lose, the fans LOVE their Maple Leafs and continue to support them year after year, loss after loss.  I wore my Maple Leafs jersey and scarf that I got from Troy at Xmas and yelled and cheered like a true local!  We didn't play very well at all but luckily the other team played just as bad.  At full time, it was tied.  After a session of overtime, it was still tied!  Penalty shoot out was up next.  It involved a one-on-one between an attacker and the goalie.  The result:  WE WON!   I think it was my jersey and scarf that did it.

We had a great snowstorm recently which gave us about 10cm or so of snow!  Here are some pictures:

Troy decided it was time to give the snow blower a whirl.  I kept indoors after I heard some muttered swear words and then finally he started it!   Shortly afterwards, I found Troy removing snow from the side of the house with a broom!  Not sure what happened there, but I didn't ask for fear of hearing more swearing.  

We still continue to walk to school when the weather and time permits.  Today was especially lovely with the sun shining however, across the parkland there was a whipping breeze which feels like razor blades.

Jack has discovered his first wobbly tooth!  I was thinking recently that he got his teeth at 3 months of age (3-6mths early), so technically he should lose his teeth earlier.  Sure enough, tonight we checked and YES one of wobbly.  Jack was over the moon and kept saying, "holy shoot, holy shoot!"  If he is anything like his Mum, that tooth will be out within a week - wibble wobble, wibble wobble...

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