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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mont Tremblant

That's the weather conditions for the day at Tremblent, a balmy -29c with the sun out??
Hey Bob, I thought we were skiing today, why do you look like you are going fly fishing?
I don't care how warm those pants are....They look like waders! haha

We stayed in a condo about 5 minutes drive from the ski mountain.  We only occupied one level on one side of this building. The first day was nice and sunny but if there was any skin uncovered while skiing, you would need to stop and cover it before continuing down the hill, otherwise that spot ached until you did.

 That's Jack in the blue, this is the Bunny Hill that Erin Jack and Candice practised on until they were confident to head up the mountain. Jack loved skiing and he also loved this hill 'cause he could go up and down by himself as many times as he wanted.
Half way up on the Gondala

Bob took some footage on his camera and downloaded it onto youtube, pretty technical stuff for someone who doesn't own a mobile phone!!

I had an awesome time until the end of the second day where I tried some small jumps and on the third jump smashed my hip into the snow.  It's amazing how hard snow can get!!  It took 2 days before I could walk properly again, and now the bruising is out and the top of my leg and groin area are yellow, green and purple......GOD!!  Really Bower....  Did you have to? Your such a Dick sometimes!!!

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  1. God Troy I thought you learnt from your mistakes at Airlie Beach when trying the "Tricky Moves". Your swollen elbow there was pretty impressive. I hope our Canadian friends living in your Aussie house are "battening down the hatches" and getting ready or Cyclone Anthony. Poor buggars, I bet they're scared.