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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn Leaves and Frosty Grass

First of all, it took six weeks but I finally scored a goal in Hockey!!!!! YAY!!!! A few weeks ago someone told me I had a nice single axle pirouette into the flying sit spin... I thought that was nice of him to give me a compliment to boost my spirits.

Most of October we have been overtaken by leaves. The ground is covered and still you look up at the trees and they don't even look like they have dropped any leaves....Far out!! We are just waiting for one more tree to drop its leaves so we can do a final clean up. I hope this happens soon because it's not getting any warmer here.
If we have to go anywhere in the mornings now, we have to scrape ice off the windshields and windows first!!!! and the grass gets a white coat of frost on it.  The last 2 days though have warmed up to 10 degrees and I have been comfortable wearing 2 Tshirts and jeans. But if your in the shade and there is wind it is a different story.

We had to move our clocks back an hour the other night.  They have day light savings time here from March until November.  So now when it is 6am here, it is 9pm in Townsville.
We had dinner at Pat and Melissa's Sunday for a catch up and before that we had a look around at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair.  It is mainly agricultural with people showing their cattle and horses etc.  Jack managed to find a pile of shit and then stand right in it.....and then thought he probably should inspect his shoe by touching it and then later when he got sick of walking wanted me to carry him....I'm like, "keep your feet away from me", "get your dirty shoes off of me".

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  1. Congratulations on your first goal. Did you keep the puck?