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Monday, November 8, 2010

Snow, St Jacobs, and Halloween

Wow, so Halloween is a big thing here in Canada! On the Friday before Halloween all the kids at Jacks school got dressed up and had a parade to show off all their costumes. The temperature was down to about 5 degrees but there was also a Northerly wind which made it uncomfortable, So the lion costume wasn't going to be warm enough for Jack so we dressed him up as Batman over the top of his ski jacket.

The parade was chaos at its best, classes of kids walking in any direction they see fit in one big conga line, Erin reckons that Jack's teacher did a head count about 7 times throughout the parade.  The teachers get right into the spirit and dress up too.

 This is Emma from over ^^ the road

Jack wouldn't look at us, he just wanted to make sure he didn't get lost.

Later on Friday we were taken by Candice to a party store where you could get any imaginable item you could think of regarding Halloween. The first thing we saw was a man walking around with a aluminium beer can impaled in his forehead with fake blood and scars on his head.  Jack just stopped and stared and then asked if that man was real or was he a robot??  The look of horror was priceless, I wish we got a photo but we didn't, we did however get a photo of some random who was getting a full body makeup of an Avatar like the movie.
 After the store we went around the streets looking at peoples Halloween decorations, some people get right into it like this one below.

On Saturday, Bob took us out to St Jacobs for a looksies.  This town is known for its local market and the Mennonite community(similar to Armish people) Horse and carts, and no electricity are still used by some of the Mennonites, others are not so fanatical and will drive 2010 Dodge Ram pickup trucks but they will still dress the same as the others???? Why they are like that I don't fully understand but it is a religious thing and it is almost like a protest against the modernisation of the world.

Modern wheels for comfort is allowed.......apparently!!

Jack was happy to see a cat who would actually come up to him, and he spent a good half hour watching this train go around and through a shop.

Sunday was Halloween and around 10am in the morning it snowed!!!

I tried telling the boys at work and they wouldn't believe me until someone else came back and told them it started snowing on them aswell.......GOD!!! I wouldn't lie about these things!!
Jack and I carved our first Halloween pumpkin while Erin was at the cat shelter.
Then we got ready to go trick or treating.  It was f-f-freeking f-f-freezing that night.  Jack thought all his Christmas's had come at once.  We went a block over to meet up with Jim and Helen's grandkids and their neighbours kids and we went from there around the block and then back home.  Jack had his bag filled up pretty quick.  There was one house who had a man with a mask on and Jack wouldn't go up to him for lollies....too scary!!
Erin dressed up as herself....haha.  I didn't dress up but I was the frozen aussie guy by the end of the night.....Fark me!!

 Jack was in too much of a hurry to wait around for photos!!
 Try getting a bunch of kids to stop for a photo on Halloween.....It's not easy
The fruits of Jack's labour!

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  1. OMG I miss Halloween madness! What a great post!!