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Saturday, November 20, 2010

More goals!!!

Well, now that I can control the puck a little better and know a little bit more about where to position myself, a have scored a few more goals!!!!YAY!!! The other factor is that I have been playing in the forward line a lot more as I have been invited to play with the Hydrunks in a tournament in February next year as a wing man, not in defence where up until now I have been playing.  They reckon I will get snapped too much in defence.  I also had a go at a proper game, with a ref, instead of just pickup hockey where there is no ref.  I scored twice in that game, nothing pretty though, just in the right place at the right time.

I think I am going to have to start up a league when I get home, cause I don't know what I am going to do without Hockey back in Australia.

Didn't get up to much this week, Erin went shopping today with Candice and saved us sooooo much money on a leather jacket........GOD!!!! I took Jack ice skating and he can at least stand up by himself after falling and he can also skate the full length of the rink without holding on, so it shouldn't take too long before he can out skate Erin haha.......no, Erin goes alright.

Jack got his first blister today, he was not impressed that he had to stop skating 'cause of this thing.

Jack skated away from me and then tried to turn around and fell over and then I was told kindly that taking photos is not allowed due to other kids being around.  Which is the first time I have come across that since we have been here.  It just seams that is the way of the future everywhere....EY!  I think I will turn fully mental if the world continues on this path though!!!!!
Santa Clause parade tomorrow and they will not stop me taking photos there......ha! Even if they put me on the naughty list!

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