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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fog, Mexican Night and Mandarin Dinner

The weather has been strange lately.  Our friends here tell us that it is warmer than what it  normally is at this time of the year.  We enjoyed some lovely days this week, with maximums around the 12degrees.  Glorious sunshine and no wind makes me want to go outside and sing!

However, on Thursday and Friday we experienced some really strange fog.  Quite thick and pretty much lingered all day.  The air felt quite warm, but we could see our breath when we spoke.  Jack continues to giggle hilariously whenever he sees his breath in the air!  The fog got much thicker at night of course.   This photo was taken mid-morning.

On Saturday night, we hosted a Mexican Night and our friends Barbie, Brian, Lovenia and Andrew all came over with their kids.  Everyone bought a plate of Mexican cuisine and we had a wonderful feast!  The kids had a great time and protested when the night ended at about 11pm! 

On Sunday, Bob and Candace came over for afternoon to sample one of my apple pies that I made.  Candace showed me how to make her pastry but I had to do the filling all by myself.  We consumed half the pie with some tea (cup of tea, not dinner) and it was a lovely relaxed afternoon. 
Bob invited us to a restaurant for dinner called the Mandarin.  He explained that it is a buffet style place that is very popular.  It was amazing!  The range of food to choose from was endless.  They had everything from Asian to pizza to roast beef to lamb to salads!  And the dessert section was gigantic and Dad and Graeme would have been in heaven.
They also had a fish pond area in the foyer which was home to some koi fish.  The fish had amazing colouring and were just beautiful.

Temperatures are going to get colder later in the week, I think one of the days is expected to have a high of about 3degrees.  We are very lucky that the Cossarini house is very warm with an excellent heating system!  No doubt the Cossarinis are starting to experience the heat back home, although we have heard that it has been quite rainy lately. 

Time is certainly flying by.  We are already starting to make plans for the remaining time here in Toronto.  We have plans for every month between now and July and that doesn't even include everything we want to see and do while we are here.  We had intentions of doing some travel in the US but it seems that we will not even get through the parts of Canada that are on our list!  It has been such a wonderful experience so far.  We have met some amazing people, with hearts as big as their lakes!  Our friends have welcomed us with open arms and shown us such generosity and kindness.   Everyone says, "the experience is what you make it" but I think this is more appropriate, "the experience is made from the wonderful people around you". 

Bye for now xxxxx

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