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Monday, October 25, 2010

Toronto Zoo

We had a fairly low-key week with Troy getting a few more hockey games in.  He thinks becuase he is an Aussie, he can just turn up to any game and get a skate.  So far he has been right!
Troy has also been over to Bob's this week to do a bit of labouring.  They worked until about 5:30pm one afternoon and Troy was complaining about the cold, especially his cold hands.  Candace must have had enough of his complaining because she bought him a pair of work gloves to use when he is at Bob's.  I think Bob is especially happy as he now gets a little more outdoor work time out of Troy before the snow flies!

We had some quite cold weather this week.  One day it got down to zero - Troy was working that night and reckons it snowed on him, just slightly.  The car had ice on it at 7am the following morning!  Thankfully, the Cossarini house is really warm and we have only had to run the heat a couple of times so far.  Jack is proving to be a real pain in the you-know-what in regards to his SHOES.  Everytime I turn my back, he is kicking off his shoes and socks.  And it is almost impossible to keep a jacket on him.  I am told that this will change when the temps get below zero, but for now the whole neighbourhood can hear me saying, "Jack put your shoes on!"  and "Jack, where is your bloody jacket?".

We went to Toronto Zoo on Saturday.  We were told that the zoo is really spread out so we invested ($5) to hire a wagon for the day.  Thank god we did, because it was a loooooong day and we (Troy and I) did a lotttttttt of walking!  Jack would have been really pooped and probably not made it on his own.  We really enjoyed it there, but ran out of time towards the end.  You could quite easily spend a couple of days there.  There are a lot of picnic areas, which I was impressed to see.  The fall colours were lovely and the leaves on the ground were just gorgeous!
Jack's favourite animal was the peacock - we bring him all the way across the world and his favourite thing is the PEACOCK??!!!   Anyway, my favourite was the red panda, snow leopard and polar bears.  Troy's favourite was the bears.  They look so cuddly!  

 The red panda!

 OH YEAH!!! Beaver Tails! 

 A beaver - sooooo cute. 

I only had one or two moments where I felt a bit sad and guilty for supporting animals in captivity.  I reminded myself that zoos were a good thing for endangered animals and did wonderful research etc, but I couldn't shake the feeling that most of the animals at the zoo were living a very sad and lonely life.

 I was surprised to see that these flamingos were actually apricot in colour, not pink.

Troy reckons the Grizzly looks like a big teddy bear that you could cuddle!!
hmmm I think not.
Everytime I saw these cats Troy would have to remind me that they are not KC and they actually want to eat me!! Not true 'cause I am a cat whisperer!
We didn't get home until 6pm that afternoon and after having a light dinner, baths and getting into our jarmies, we all settled down for a family DVD night.  Jack chose to watch Harry Potter and during the scary parts, he acted brave and covered my eyes for me and said, "it's okay, it's okay...I'm here".  How sweet.

The gorgeous maple tree in front of our house has started to turn and has already dropped most of it's leaves.  We were unsure of what the 'leaf ettiquette' is over here as we noticed that some people raked their leaves and others didn't.   Troy made the executive decision that we would wait until they all fell and we would rake them all up in one hit.   He then decided to revise his decision when he saw how many leaves there were on the ground and the tree still had much much more to drop!   He went to work one day with the intention of raking them up when get finished work at 7am the following morning.  Well.....we had an especially windy day while he was at work so when he got home, all the leaves were GONE!  Oooops.  Seems the blew away and we have no idea where they went.  Both of our neighbours yards are quite clear, so we suspect they might be a few blocks away.  Oh dear.  We hope the leaf police don't track us down. 

Jack's achievement in the past week or two has been WHISTLING!  He thinks he is pretty deadly.

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  1. Flamingos get their colour from their diet, so the ones in captivity are never quite right.

    Jack will wear everything he owns when it drops below -10 C, and stays there for 6 months. Hope you enjoy Halloween! You WILL get a ton of trick or treaters, so buy a heap of treats!!!