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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Updates about Jack

Well Jack is really enjoying all the bike riding we have been doing.  His little bag of tricks and stunts over the past few weeks has consisted of:
a) riding along and taking a hand of the handlebars to pump his fist in the air in victory
b) riding standing up....we all remember feeling pretty deadly doing this, hey?
c) sprinting along and then slamming the brakes on and doing a skid.  Bonus points are awarded if the skid travels sideways and kicks out a bit.

This week, he was riding along and took both hands off the handle bars.  When he realised that he could do this and not fall off, his face broke out in a huge grin and he yelled, "Mum, did you SEE that?"  Second attempt was a bit longer and same result.  Third attempt was much much longer...resulting in the handle bars crossing up and Jack stacking it over the handle bars!   Mother of the year saw the whole thing and it was like a slow motion train wreck.  He had his helmet so there was no blood.  Just injured pride.   I thought that would cure his stunt ambitions for a while but it seems he takes after his father.  After the tears were dried and we commenced our ride to school, he tried again.  This time he was a bit more cautious and pulled it off.   I wonder what he'll think of next. 

Although there are disadvantages to his current half-day schooling, there are positives as well.  We quite enjoy the lazy mornings of rolling out of bed whenever we feel like it, followed by some leisurely play and relaxation.  At the moment, it is still dark at 7am, so it's lucky we don't have to get him out of bed and ready for school in the mornings.   Last week, I had to get him up early for Troy's hockey game (7.15am) and he was NOT impressed! 

The superintendent of the Toronto District School Board has assessed our request to have Jack moved into grade one and has set aside her decision until he gets his first report card in mid-November.  EEEEEEKKK.  We are cramming like crazy trying to get him really smart (ha ha).  He announced at the dinner table the other day that he hates his new school.  Seems he doesn't appreciate his homework and extra work we are shoving down his throat at the moment.  Sigh....you really know you have achieved the ultimate goal as a parent when you get to say, "sit up and do your homework!  There will be no more talking until it's done!"

Jack's latest great question of the week involves sleeping arrangements.  He just cannot understand why he has to sleep alone, but Troy and I don't.   It doesn't matter how we try to explain or justify the rules, he doesn't buy it.  He knows he is getting the raw deal and it's totally not fair.  However, he continues to ask every couple of days, just to see if the rules still apply.

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