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Thursday, October 7, 2010

(ice) Hockey Virgin

Well, after drying his tears due to his non-eligibility to play in the Rugby League game against Jamaica and the likes (gotta have lived here for three years), Troy had his first Hockey experience.  As Big Jack's sister reminded us, you DO NOT call it Ice Hockey.  If someone hears you call it Ice Hockey, you have to leave the country.

His buddies from the Fire Hall helped deck him out with all the necessary gear.  Yvonne, you will be very pleased to know that they wear a full face caged helmet as apparently the league he is in has many different skill levels (from Troy-gumby to pretty damn good) so there has been instances where players have accidentally nearly sliced off another player's nose with a swinging stick or skate blade.  Troy was happy to take his mate's advice to wear the full face helmet (phew). 

I was not able to watch due to my cat shelter commitments, I was sorry I missed this great opportunity for me to exercise my abs and lungs from hysterical laughter.  None the less, I got all the gory details when I got home. 

I am a bit worried about Troy's abilities as firstly, he was absolutely shattered after the game.  Who knew it was so bloody strenuous?  They make it look easy at the Olympics gliding effortlessly across the ice.  Secondly, he is still unsure if he is right-handed or left-handed with the hockey stick.  Bob tells us some people who are right handed, often feel more comfortable playing left handed (Bob included).  I am still wondering how you can play a whole game of hockey and still not be sure if you are right handed or not....anyway..........Thirdly, he reckons he has absolutely zero control when he tried to pass the puck.  And forget trying to scoop it up!  Lastly, Troy said that he was so tired that by the end of the game, he kept falling over when the puck and players were no where near him!  How embarrassing.  Pick the Aussie! 

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend.  We did a little research on Thanksgiving and it's a lot like Christmas here.  In fact, some people say it is bigger than Christmas.   We are not sure what it is all about, but there seems to be a trend of people all getting together, drinking heaps, eating heaps etc etc etc.  Sounds like our cup of tea!

We miss everyone heaps and hope you are all happy and healthy!  XXXXX

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