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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Continued.....


After enjoying all the glorious food and drinks and dessert at Mrs Donnelly's Thanksgiving celebration, Candice has invited me to visit with her again on Boxing Day when the Donnelly's have their Christmas get together.  I am really looking forward to it.

Jack loved playing with the kids and told me he has a best friend who is a grown-up.  Ha ha.  Turns out it is a nice kid who is about 12years old.  He was teaching Jack how to play Hockey in the backyard.  

 The Lift Locks in Petersborough

                                             Jack playing in the leaves at Petersborough!

Mrs Donnelly's Thanksgiving table.
Everyone else had to perch or stand somewhere to eat.  I felt very privileged to be invited to sit at the important table!  There were people in the lounge room eating, the hallways, the stair cases etc - you get the picture.


On Sunday, Pat and Melissa invited us to visit Pat's family for their Thanksgiving celebration.  We travelled out to Alvinston which is a very small town about 2hrs southish-eastish (you should know by now that I am no good with geography).  Pat's mum and dad live in a lovely home and his brother, sister-in-law and their SIX kids live around the corner.  Jack was in heaven with all the kids (aged from about ten to six months - five boys and one girl).  When we arrived, we went to watch Pat's nephew play hockey at an ice skating rink.  They looked so cute on the ice - we think it was the under 8's team and Troy officially announced that they have loads more skill than he does!  Unfortunately, his nephew lost but we really enjoyed the game. 

We then visited the local bee meadery and purchased some honey (it is soooo good) and some Mead which I learnt is a type of wine made from honey.  I got to sample most of them, so I was slightly hammered by the time we left. 
We also visited a friend named Kris who we met at the Ottawa Fallen Firefighters Memorial March and he gave us a tour of the local Alvinston Fire Hall.

This fire engine had a siren you had to wind up! 

We then went to the local store to buy some wine etc.  I was rather impressed to see they also sold rifles, spears and most hunting equipment.  I was reminded of my good mate from work, Peter and was seriously wondering if customs would let me bring back some weaponry for him..... I think not.

Thanksgiving dinner at Pat's childhood home was fantastic!  We also got to meet Grandma and Grandpa. It turns out that it was Pat's birthday on the Sunday and Grandma's on Saturday, so Pat's mum made them a birthday cake to share.

We had the glorious Thanksgiving meal of turkey, cranberries, stuffing, potatoes, salads etc etc.  It was so good!  Pat's mum cooked a wonderful feast!!!  The kids sat at the table in the kitchen and were invited to share with everyone something that they are thankful for.  Jack said that he was thankful for his friends.  How nice.....don't worry about your bloody mum and dad who provide for you and love you!!!!  He dropped us like a hot potato for his new buddies!
All the kids played and played well into the evening and were absolutely shattered by the end of the day.


On Sunday, we travelled back to Toronto to have our own Thanksgiving with an Aussie twist.  We invited Bob and Candice over for roast lamb and vegies, followed by chocolate pavlova.
We had a great night!  I was in heaven as we haven't had any lamb since arriving in Canada and I have missed it!   Bob even bought over some Mint Sauce to go with it. 

The choccy pav also went down a treat as it always does. 

So as you can see, we had a very BUSY Thanksgiving weekend with THREE Thanksgiving celebrations.  We thought that since we are only hear for a year, we would accept any and all invitations!   It is such a touching gesture for people to include us in their family's celebrations, after knowing us for only a short time.  So, we are very thankful for the wonderful friends we have met over here in Canada - some of the most generous, friendly, warm and caring people we have ever met.

Happy Thanksgiving! XXXXX

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