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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Weekend

On Saturday Troy was working (gee this working stuff is really inconvenient sometimes), so Candace invited Jack and I to visit the Donnelly's Cottage in Muskoka.   The cottage is located on Joseph Bay which is a particularly wealthy and ritzy area in Muskoka.  My informants tell me that Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell have a cottage there as well as other celebrities!   May I now remind you that the word 'cottage' is used very loosely here in Canada.  This is a good indication - the following picture is of a neighbouring property's BOATHOUSE!

Jim Donnelly's cottage is fantastic.  It was designed and built in the 1970's by an architect who is apparently a bit left-field!   There is a converted garage and upper level which have both been converted into guest quarters.   The cottage reminded me a little of Mum and Dad's home in Balls Lane, due to the split levels and sunken areas.

We enjoyed some sightseeing in Port Carling where Candace showed us a huge mural on the side of one of the buildings.  When you looked closer, it was made up of hundreds of individual historic photos of the area and locals from 1860 to 1960.  It was a real sight and I was kicking myself that I forgot my camera on that drive!

Jack did some fishing (the Donnelly's kindly gifted Jack his very own fishing rod and tackle box) in the minus 20 conditions.  I nearly jumped for joy when he got a snag and we had to go inside!  Candace had made us a lovely dinner of stuff jumbo pasta shells and of course some more pies!  This time I experience banana cream pie which I reckon Graeme and Dad will ADORE!  Candace makes the most gorgeous pastry as well, so I hope I can replicate this when I get home to Oz.

We enjoyed a wonderful day and evening with the Donnelly's once again.  We hope to be able to go back up to the cottage again in summer next year before we come home and hopefully stay a couple of nights!

On Sunday, my antique-loving soul mate Bob took us all to the local Antique Market at St Lawrence Market (downtown).   We stopped for breakfast along the way to keep the kids (Troy and Jack) happy with full tummies while we browsed the market.  There were some really different and interesting stalls.  I saw so many different things that I would have been very tempted to buy if I didn't have to lug it all home to Australia.   Whenever I go to garage sales in Townsville with Nat, we always keep a look out for rifles and metal jerry cans for Peter (my bush buddy from work).  When we arrived at the Antiques Market, I jokingly reminded Troy to keep an eye out for jerry cans and rifles for Peter and then about 20mins later we found a huge rifle!!!  We had a good chuckle.

After the market, Troy had to go and play Rugby League for the Florida Team trial game.  He was just making up the numbers for them.  Bob, Candace, Jack and I caught the ferry over to Ward Island.  We got to see some gorgeous little cottages (the real type) and it was such a gloriously sunny day!  We came across a friendly cat who is THE fattest cat I think I have ever seen.  YES, even fatter than Chad.

 This is the view looking at Toronto from the ferry.

 Bob doing his best 'I'm a friendly cat' impersonation.

Jack and Candace sitting on a giant Muskoka chair.  I have actually informed Troy that I would like him to make these chairs for around our pool area.  Luckily for him, Bob has the plans!

On Sunday evening, we had dinner at Bob's house (Candace cooked pork tenderloins and vegetables).  Candace has a dog named Bear at her house and we Jack has been terrified of Bear since he first met him a couple of months ago.  On Sunday, while we were at Candace's house preparing dinner, Jack actually patted Bear which was a very big step for him!  Let's hope Jack's confidence continues to grow because poor old Bear is such a sook of a dog and I'm sure he can't understand why Jack is so scared of him!

Troy arrived back at Bob's house after his Rugby League game and just in time for dinner.  He got out of the car with:
a) a sling
b) a 2kg bag of ice
c) a box of ziploc bags
d) a roll of cling wrap
e) a coke

Thankfully, no broken nose.  BUT he did pop his shoulder out again (hence the sling) and he was sore pretty much everywhere else. 

Candace also found some halloween gear for Jack, which included a lion costume she made for her kids when they were little.  Of course we had to try it on!

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