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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pretty sure it is about to snow!!!!

Today I did the most UN-AUSTRALIAN thing.......Or at least Un-Queenslander.....I mowed the lawn in Jeans, shoes, shirt, and a thick jumper!!!! Thats right, I didn't even work up a sweat!!! In fact I wanted to have GLOVES on as well but I knew Erin would give me shit about it!.....GOD!!! the pain I go through just so people don't point and laugh at me.  Anyway I rolled the sleeves over my fingers so they didn't have to touch the freezing cold bars.  After I had finished the lawn I went back inside to find Erin has put the fireplace on!!!!! Inside the house was a balmy 21degrees without the fire, I just mowed the lawn at about 0 degrees.....plus OR minus 13 or so degrees!!! I don't know what I am going to do about her Propane guzzling habits!!

I also learned that a thick knitted jumper worn above does not cut it when it is windy or you are riding your bike to the park, another thing Erin was quick to point out....and laugh of course!

The front Maple Tree still has all of its leaves but they have just started to wilt and change colour, so I am sure this means that it will snow in the next few days.....I will keep you posted!!

Last thing, it seams my rugby league career might be over due to some eligibility issues.....something about not being a resident or having relatives born here, even though I never played a rugby league game until I got over here!!! I havn't given up though, but just incase....I have secured some ICE HOCKEY gear, so on Thursday morning I "hit the ice" so to speak!! just for kicks though, there will be no Canadian XIII in the pipeline for gumby skaters from Aussie! Come to think of it I don't even know how many skaters are on the ice at any one time???? I think it is 5 plus the goalie, I better do some study!


  1. Hello Folks!
    Jack's sister here with a few pointers.
    1. We will adopt you so there will be no eligibility issue in rugby. Have your people call my people – it will be done in one day.
    2. Please don’t say ICE hockey. People will know you are a foreigner. You want the element of surprise when you are playing the game. Yes there are five on the ice and a goalie – for the most part. If you want a rest, start a fight, that will give you five minutes in the penalty box
    3. If you think the steel bar of the lawnmower is cold, wait til you touch the steel bar on a snow blower!
    4. Don’t worry about the gloves and what people will think about them. God invented them for a reason.
    5. Please don’t ask for snow before its time. In this neck of the woods snow is a dirty, four letter word.
    PS We love the blog and your updates

  2. ha ha Linda you are a crack-up! As for the four letter words....we will be saying our fair share of the real variety when the snow actually does fall! eek.