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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Bits and Pieces

It was five degrees yesterday at 8.30am, which concerns me becuase it is only fall and not even winter yet.  The days have been pretty cool - getting up to about 12 degrees.  We have not had the heating on in the house yet though (just tested it once) because inside is pretty warm.  Every now and then I need to put the fireplace on for a bit to warm up but that's about it.   It was raining today on and off but luckily it held off at the right times, so we were able to ride to school.  Riding every day has been a lot of fun - Jack's confidence has been growing and now he is doing all sorts of little tricks on his bike like riding with one hand and also riding standing up. 

Troy went to help out a new friend with some home repairs today.  What a shame for him because today Jack and I came across a fox on our way to school!  It was pretty cool to see one and man they can dash!  They seem really interested in everything going on around them as it stopped and stared at us for a while.  I was madly trying to rack my brain about what the Lonely Planet Guide said about foxes....do they attack?  Do they have rabies?  Are you supposed to make fierce fox noises to scare it away?  What if it sounds like a mating call??  What IS a mating call?  Are you supposed to run away from them or stand your ground?  Are you means to run straight or zigzag?  Are you supposed to stop, drop & roll?????  My mind was in a panic and I couldn't think straight, obviously.   Anyhow, all that went through my mind in the 2.3 seconds the fox stared at us.  Then it took off.  Phew.  So I have officially battled and defeated an encounter with a fox.  Seems I did the right thing and just stared with a panic-stricken face!!!!

We are waiting to hear back from Jack's school whether he can be put up into Grade One.  The request has to go to the Superintendent or something so we feel really important.   We have been doing extra work at home with Jack with his reading and writing.  All I can say is... Teachers need to be paid more AND people who home school their children need their head read! 

I went to a Book Club last week.  Lovenia invited me to go along as it is a very informal and relaxed book club which has been going for a few years with some of the local ladies.  I was a bit apprehensive at first because I have heard some horror-stories about some book clubs, but Lovenia assured me that all the ladies were lovely and easy-going.  It is called 'Chapters and Cheers' and you have to take a bottle of wine and a book or two that you have read and enjoyed.  We arrived and I was immediately put at ease.  There were about 20 ladies who are obviously all great friends.  We all sat around drinking wine and having nibblies for about an hour - you can imagine the noise!  There were about 15 conversations going at once and there was screeching and laughter and cackling.  I LOVED IT.    Anyhow, after the hour of mayhem I was beginning to wonder if we actually did anything with the books.  Shortly after that, we all assembled at the dining room table where one by one, you say what type of wine you bought (there is a $20 limit) and a little about the book/s you have brought along.   Then, everyone gets to swap books and you take home somebody elses bottle of wine!  How wonderful.  I am hooked and can't wait for the next meeting.  I am definitely going to start a similar style book club when I get home!!!!

Troy has work tomorrow.  The Firey's at the hall each take turn cooking dinner for the crew and because Troy cannot really cook all that well (I think it's just a put on so he doesn't have to cook EVER), I have been sending sweets and treats to work.   I enjoy it because as you all know, I love to cook and bake.  The Cranberry and White Chocolate Biscuits (cookies) went down a treat.  Tomorrow, he's taking Chocolate Cake.  I made scones for Troy to take to Bob's house last week when he went to do some paving and they were like rock cakes!!  I think it has to do with the consistency of the Canadian Cream.  Over here, the consistency of it is like milk......so when I made my scones with the lemonade and cream....well it seems there was not enough air in the mixture.  Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  

Because the weather is bloody freezing, I have cracked out the porridge!  Yay.  The only nice thing about the cool weather is enjoying porridge in the morning.


  1. omg, I just read all of your blogs since you got here, they are hilarious.
    It sounds like you are enjoying your time in Canada, I'm glad. I'm sorry that we haven't been down to visit you yet, but hopefully we can make arrangements soon. You are more than welcome to come to Kincardine and visit us if you would like, (if so, I would do it before the snow flies or you may not get out until April)
    I didn't know you were such cat people, we have three here, one being a (what did you call it, polydachtel) Sixx has 6 toes on all 4 of his feet.
    anyway, keep up the blogging, you're a riot.
    Sandra (Big Jack's other sister)
    ps we are planning our trip to visit Big Jack and the family in March

  2. Hi Sandra! Great to hear from you. We were thinking of visiting in November - what do you think? We would love to meet your cats!