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Monday, December 6, 2010

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

We have been a bit slack with our blog lately, so apologies to everyone.

Troy has been working a lot doing a couple of fill-ins as well as his normal work roster.  He went to Buffalo (just south of the Canadian border, near Niagra Falls) with the blokes from 421 hall to watch the hockey.  It is much cheaper to see a game of hockey down there as the prices here in Toronto are crazy expensive.  I find it amusing that the Toronto Maple Leafs (yeah I know, it should be 'leaves') are a bit like our NQ Cowboys in the success department, but the locals here still LOVE their team and almost all the games are a sellout.  Us Aussies could learn a lot from the Canucks about loyalty.   Troy said the game itself in Buffalo was quite low scoring but he still really enjoyed the atmosphere.  I am now keen to see a game for myself and be amongst all the action!

Troy also came home from work one day and announced that he got the flu shot.  Here is how the conversation went:
T:  "I got the flu shot today."
E:  "What?"
T:  "I got the flu shot today"
E:  "You've already had the flu shot in Australia in July!"
T:  "Oh yeah I thought I might have but this one had the H1N1 in it"
E:  "So did the other one you got."
T:  "Oh....Well this flu shot might have been different"
E:  "Did you think perhaps we could have checked first?"
T:  "Oh well, this flu shot is the Canadian version so now I am double-protected!!!"

Troy then got sick this week with a cold/flu.  Knocked the wind out of his sails for a couple of days.  He is having some serious hockey withdrawals and is like a fly in a bottle trapped in the house.  He has recovered now (thank god) so he is back on track with his hockey affair.

Candace and I went to an Art Gallery showing during the week to support Ellen Donnelly (I went to Thanksgiving at the Donnelly House with Candace) who had two watercolours on show.  Her work is just lovely and I got to see a number of other great Canadian artists. 
We also had a baking day on Saturday when Troy was at work.  Candace did all her Christmas baking which consisted of:   Deep fried twists, Jam drops, Crescent Cookies, Pitzells, Shortbread and Magic Squares.  I have more recipes to bring home and share with you all.  It was a great day and Jack assisted where he could.  Candace decorates her house in all the Christmas glory with marching bands, nativity set (without baby Jesus who only comes out on Christmas Day) and musical Santa etc.  I tried to burn her house down when making microwave popcorn and we had to air out the house with outside temps of about 2 degrees!  Stupid Aussie.

We had a mini-disaster during the week as well.  Teddy got a massive hole in him and Nanny is not here to fix it!  I am sewing-challenged so Candace came to the rescue and Teddy had the surgery he required and is now fit and healthy again!  Phew!

The snow if officially falling today.  We woke up to find a snow covered backyard!  How lovely.  It has been snowing steadily all morning and it is just so pretty that I can't stop sitting by the window and daydreaming.  There is no wind so the flakes of snow are fluttering to the ground.  The car was completely covered so we had to brush it all off.  The snow squeaks and crunches underfoot and we have had to teach Jack about brushing off the snow before coming inside.

We hope the snow stays for a while!  The ice rink down the road has opened as well, so we will be able to go skating more regularly.  It is an outdoor rink which has been made on the tennis courts. 

We hope everyone is happy and healthy and enjoying the heat in Australia!!

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  1. Snow seems charming when you can still see the grass (and the car!). Christmas will be so special this year. Turkey extravaganza!