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Sunday, December 12, 2010

School Concert and Snow Sports

Jack had a School Concert this week.  His class sung 2 Christmas songs with actions. Jack, unfortunately has shown evidence of having his mothers ability when it comes to holding a tune, or should I say not so much holding a tune.  Erin has found a radio channel here that only plays christmas songs........GOD!!  Erin was trying to get Jack to sing along with her the other night, she changed key 3 times throughout the song, so Jack has no chance.

Bob took me snow skiing on Friday, Erin stayed behind to work at the Cat shelter and Jack had school.  Most of the boys at work got season passes to Blue Mountain, which is around an hour and a half drive north, so there will be a few more trips up there throughout the winter.  We got to the hills just when the lifts started operating but Bob informed me he had yet to pick up his pass.  So after 40 mins of me trying to make him feel bad while we are standing in a line waiting for him to pick up his pass that he could of got sent to him in the mail, we finally got started on the runs.  I only fell over about 10 times on my face....Hahahaha.  Half of that was on the flats at the bottom of the runs.  My legs were very tired by the end of the day.

The snow has melted here in Toronto now so on Saturday Erin Jack and I went for a drive north to find some snow to have a play in.  We found a park about half hour north and stopped to have a play there.  I was driving around the park to find a good hill to toboggan down but little miss scaredy(Erin) was freaking out about the snowy slush on the road.....We were doing 10km/hr....GOD!! So we pulled up at this flat park with this tiny hill on the edge that had about a 5 metre run and was only just steep enough for tobogganing, but anyway Jack didn't know any better so we made the most of it.

 Very gracefull

 Surely he hasn't got Erins singing voice and balance
 Dad's getting hammered

 Jack smashed Mum with a snowball at point blank on her beanie while she wasn't looking

Dad cops one in the face.
Oh and that's the hill in the background. The lamest hill in all of Ontario.

The weather turned a bit sour over the weekend, It's now raining in Toronto, not snowing, but a cold snap is coming back monday. And my next adventure will be snowboarding on Tuesday, with Scott and Jamie. We have got Jack into a ski school in January and normal School finishes next week so we will do a family outing to the slopes soon.

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  1. I'm sorry Troy, but the singing voice runs in the family. We have Mum to thank for that.