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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Severe Weather

Oh well, I woke up this morning ready for snowboarding, so we checked the snow conditions for Blue Mountain on the computer before we left.......luckily.  Turns out they have shut down for the day 'cause of high winds and road closures.......GOD!! So no snowboarding for me just yet.

Weather has been a bit crazy this last week with a low pressure system passing through, and as much as I don't like to say, luckily for us most of it was rain!! Alot of towns around us have been snowed in, and people have been stuck in their cars on the highways for up to 24 hrs.....  Sucks to be them.  Trouble for us was after the rain came a cold snap occurred and froze everything shut.  It took me 2 mins in minus 10 temps to open the car door the next day.

Today we got the final offerings from the low pressure sytem with about 10-15cms of snow, which made Jack happy, Erin was happy until we had to go for a drive..... The roads get real slippery when they are covered with ice!!!

Jack and I made a slide in the front yard while we cleared the driveway. He thought it was pretty cool!


  1. Great shots of Jack on Mount Cossarini!

    Good move on checking before you left for Blue. Always check before you head out. Although it was sunny and mild in Toronto today we were snowed in big time at the Beach. Not one road out of town was open and many places were shut down. Thank god the beer store stayed open!

  2. I have been thinking of you all in the LOVELY snow - while at work in 35 degree temps with the airconditioning BROKEN!!!! and ANGRY, RUDE CUSTOMERS. Wish it was snowing here to cool them down. Ha ha. Love to all, miss you heaps.