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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the (second) best place on Earth!!!

It is Christmas Eve night here is beautiful Canada.   Outside is about minus 2 degrees, the house is warm, Jack has had his bath and is now enjoying eating an orange in front of a Christmas movie on TV.  We have already put out a plate of biscuits (cookies) and milk for Santa and another orange (forgot the carrot, bad mother) for the reindeer.   Unfortunately, Troy is working and won't be home until 7.30am Christmas morning. 

I know that Thanksgiving is the time of traditional 'thanks' but Christmas evokes more meaningful memories for us Australians.  I think the constant Christmas Carols on the radio, the snow, the good friends and the experience we are having right now....well we are just so lucky and thankful.  Thanks to the Cossarini family for being a wonderful exchange family.  We were very lucky to link up with you guys!  And their extended families - we know you are just a call away if we need you.   Thanks to the wonderful network of friends that we have over here.  From the Fire Hall boys to the neighbours to the new friends we have made along the way....I can honestly tell you that I would be on a plane heading back to Australia (probably without Troy :) by now if it weren't for you all.  You have all enriched our lives and taken us under your (turkey) wings to ensure we are happy, have everything we need and that we are getting the very best out of our experience. 

And thank you to our families and friends back home who didn't throw total tantrums when we announced we were doing this exchange (well Marnie and Yvonne threw mini-tantrums)....you have supported us and encouraged us to reach for the stars and to jump into the unknown.  

Tomorrow, we will be spending the day with a few presents and a light lunch before heading over to Barbie's house for a big Turkey Christmas dinner.    We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas.   XXXXXX

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  1. Merry Christmas Bower Family from the Cossarini Family.
    We are also lucky to have found a great family like yours to exchange with, only we will truly know the real meaning of the exchange and what its takes to make it work.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
    from The Cossarinin's in New Zealand :)